Can An Overheating Computer Cause Personal Injury?

Many malfunctioning or poorly produced products cause personal injury or other problems. Every year, thousands or even millions of such products are recalled, and many lawsuits are filed against companies that cause these damages with their faulty products.

Recently, there have been a few recalls of laptop computers that were overheating and causing fires and other personal injuries. So, if you're wondering if an overheating computer can cause personal injury, the answer is yes, it absolutely can.

Laptops more than desktop computers are prone to overheating because they have rechargeable batteries that heat up. It is normal for a recharging laptop computer to emit some heat, but sometimes these computers malfunction and get too hot. When this happens, they can cause personal injury when people touch the overheated parts and get burned, or even worse, when they overheat unattended and cause a fire.

One thing you should always do is unplug your laptop computer when you are not home to safeguard against overheating.

Recently, Sony recalled a particular laptop battery because it was overheating and causing fires and personal injuries. The battery was used in Toshiba and Dell computers and was the subject of many newspaper articles during the recall.

If you think you may have been caused injury by an overheating computer, you could possibly sue the company responsible for the problem. If the malfunctioning product cause you personal harm or set a fire that caused damage to your property, you can file a lawsuit for personal injury.

The definition of personal injury is harm that has come to you due the negligence of another individual or entity. In this instance, you would have a very strong case against the manufacturers of the defective computer batteries. The evidence of their negligence is clear -they shouldn't have manufactured batteries that set fires!

In order to best present your case, you should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Be sure your legal counsel has experience with personal injury law in your state. Be sure your lawyer has trial experience, even though it would be unlikely that a case such as this would go to trial. Even so, you would want to be confident that a company would settle out of court rather than face an experienced, competent lawyer in a trial. Recalls generate plenty of negative publicity, and a trial would be worse for the manufacturer.

That said, the best situation you could hope for is to never have to deal with a computer that will overheat and cause a fire or personal injury. There is no fool-proof way to avoid this situation, but you can best serve yourself by staying up-to-date with the current information about recalls and defective products. Educate yourself about what is available before making any major purchase, and remember that just because a product is made by a reputable company doesn't mean it will be free of defects. Large companies sub-contract a lot of their manufacturing, and are susceptible to poorly-made components. Be smart and inquisitive, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.


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